CBD And The Entourage Effect

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If you were to take any one of the active compounds found within hemp on its own, it would have a specific set of effects. However, when taken in unison, each compound becomes more than the sum of its parts, playing off each other. Individually, they are strong, but together, each compound is pushed beyond its normal functioning. It is when 2+2=5. This is known as the entourage effect.


Cannabinoids and terpenes: a complex interaction

When researched, cannabinoids are isolated and used on their own to determine their effects. While this is an essential part of the scientific process, it often misses the full potential of a cannabinoid, and how the full spectrum of the hemp plant enhances its effects. However, there is research being conducted that investigates the complex interactions between cannabinoids, as well as their interactions with the other compounds found within hemp.

One such bit piece of research investigated how the terpenes within hemp affect the way the body interacts with CBD and THC. It was found that some of these terpenes blocked cannabinoid receptors in certain areas, while enhancing the binding of others – altering the overall effects. If terpenes had not been present, the results would have been quite different. It emphasises the importance of using a full-spectrum, whole plant extraction, as opposed to an isolate. As a side note: Cibdol CBD Oil includes the full spectrum of the hemp plant, with an enhanced terpene content.


cannabis background and CBD structure

The power of CBD

Another example was demonstrated during the British documentary “Should I Smoke Dope?”. Although focusing on cannabis, it shows the power CBD and other cannabinoids have to change the effect depending on how they are used together. In this documentary, a volunteer was given a THC isolate, followed by a THC and CBD combination the next day. Each day’s experience was compared. THC on its own caused a profoundly negative experience, whereas when used with CBD, the experience was kept under control. It is something that has also been investigated on a more scientific level. This is why people tend to use the actual plant, as opposed to medical isolates where medical marijuana is legal. In fact, it is something pharmaceuticals have now cottoned onto, with cannabis-based medicines like Sativex now using whole cannabis plant profiles, instead of isolates.


What it all means

While much more research is needed to investigate the deeper aspects of the entourage effect (hemp has over a hundred different cannabinoids and terpenes), the general consensus is that it is definitely a good thing. As such, if you are interested in CBD, it is important to ensure whatever you use has the full spectrum of hemp's content. It will help all the aspects work together. Cibdol is a fine example and contains the full spectrum of hemp’s active compounds.



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