The benefits of proper CBD packaging

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Packaging is important for nearly every product. When it comes to CBD products, however, it is even more critical. CBD and the other constituents of hemp (such as terpenes) are extremely fragile compounds. Hence, they need to be packaged and stored in a way that preserves their purity and potency for as long as possible.

Let us explore the packaging behind our products and how it helps us retain the integrity of the hemp plant. Plus, we’ll share some tips to help you store your CBD properly at home.


All our CBD oils and supplements are packaged in high-quality glass bottles and sealed with dropper lids. Our CBD creams, on the other hand, are packaged in white plastic containers with screw lids. Each of our products is then wrapped in a cardboard box.


We use cardboard packaging to wrap all of products for one main reason; to protect the CBD in our creams, oils, and supplements.

We take extra care to ensure all of our products contain the highest concentrations of CBD, terpenes, and other constituents of the hemp plant. Unfortunately, many of these compounds are quite vulnerable, meaning a little extra care is needed to preserve their quality.

This is why we use cardboard packaging. The cardboard helps protect our products against direct sunlight and heat, two factors that can damage compounds like CBD and terpenes.

By packing our products in cardboard, you can rest assured that all of our oils, creams, and supplements are of the highest quality when they arrive at your door. To further help preserve our products, we recommend storing them in a cool, dark, and dry place (oils and supplements can be stored in the fridge).

Our cardboard packaging also contains extra information about the product they contain, and are made from recycled and renewable materials.


Both our CBD oils and our Meladol liposomal liquid come packaged in airtight glass bottles. We do this for a number of reasons. These containers are completely airtight, even after they’ve been opened.

First of all, the airtight nature of the containers helps protect the products once they’ve been opened. Air exposure, much like light and heat, can damage CBD, terpenes, and other hemp constituents. Make sure you close the lid on each of our products securely after every use to keep them at optimal quality.

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Secondly, we use glass packaging because it is perfectly suited to CBD products. Poor-quality plastic containers can leak toxic chemicals into liquids and foods. Glass, on the other hand, is nonporous and impermeable; glass packaging has an almost 0% chance of chemically interacting with its contents.

That’s why we package Meladol and all our oils in glass containers - to ensure their quality and shelf life, both at our stores and in your home.

Finally, we use glass over other popular packaging materials (like plastic) because it is more environmentally-friendly. Glass is 100% recyclable and up to 80% of recovered glass is reused to make other glass products. In fact, glass can be recycled and back on the shelves in as few as 30 days.


We’ve done our bit to guarantee our products are packaged in a way that preserves their quality. Now, it’s time to do yours. Here are some simple tips for properly storing your CBD products at home:

• Oils and supplements (like Meladol): Ensure the dropper is applied securely to the bottle after every use. Store in the fridge, ideally in its original cardboard packaging. Do not expose to open air or direct light for extended periods. Also keep away from heat.

• Creams: Store in the fridge or in a cool, dark place.

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