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You may have heard about CBD in the realm of health and wellness, but did you know that this tiny compound is slowly taking over the beauty industry?

From body lotions and shampoos to facials creams and bath bombs, beauty companies have started working CBD into all kinds of different cosmetics. Read on to learn how CBD suddenly became the hottest trend in the beauty industry.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in hemp plants. It’s structurally very similar to endocannabinoids produced by the human body, including anandamide and 2-AG. Hence, when it enters the body, it is able to influence the human endocannabinoid system and produce a plethora of beneficial effects.

While CBD was first described by researchers at the University of Illinois in the 1940s, it wasn't until recently that more research has gone into understanding CBD and its possible uses as a supplement for both health and beauty purposes.

One of the reasons CBD has become so popular recently is because, unlike THC, and some other compounds found in cannabis and hemp, it doesn’t contribute to that iconic psychoactive “high” we associate with cannabis.


Sunday Goods, for example, is a US cannabis company that’s just launched a brand new line of cannabis bath bombs. Enriched with pure cannabis extract, these bath bombs contain CBD and a range of other natural compounds found in cannabis and hemp. Combine these with some hemp-infused bath salts from Mystic Mountain Apothecary and you’re set for one rejuvenating night in the tub.

Dazey Hemp, on the other hand, is a company that offers a wide variety of hemp beauty/health products, including everything from a beauty “creme” combining hemp with sea minerals to hemp yoga mats and activewear.

Even high-profile celebrities have started to embrace the healing and beautifying potential of CBD and other cannabinoids. Hollywood legend Whoopi Goldberg has joined forces with Maya Elisabeth, a Californian topical expert, to create Whoopi & Maya, a line of hemp/cannabis beauty products that include bath soaks, tinctures, and rubs for menstrual relief.

CBD and other cannabinoids are also making their way into body lotions, hand soaps, moisturising creams, and all kinds of other beauty products. In fact, some companies have even put together entire CBD beauty kits, which contains a CBD skin balm, cleansing bar, and lip balm. Milk Makeup has also designed a new Kush High Volume mascara infused with CBD oil.

But why exactly is the beauty industry so hyped up about CBD? Well, one reason is that the compound has been shown to promote skin health, as well as help with symptoms of skin conditions like acne. CBD is also a renowned anti-inflammatory and can induce soothing effects when used topically.


It's also important to note that the CBD beauty industry thrives on marketing. Sure, there is a solid body of research into CBD that shows it can be beneficial for skin health, but can it really help add volume to your eyelashes?

It's also important to realise that not all CBD products are created equal. At Cibdol, we always recommend choosing products from reputable CBD companies over products from a company that's just recently decided to jump on the CBD bandwagon.

We also recommend researching any CBD beauty product properly before putting down your money. Ideally, you'll want to use products that utilise clean extraction methods for their CBD oil (preferably CO₂). You should also look for products that use organically grown hemp to ensure you're getting the most unadulterated product out there.

Finally, you should always opt for products that use a whole plant extract. Products using isolated CBD work very differently as they don't contain the terpenes and other active ingredients found in the hemp/cannabis plant. Research has shown that effects of CBD are at their best when the product is used in combination with other compounds found in the whole plant (this is known as the "entourage effect").


Ever since cannabis and its compounds were made illegal, cannabis plants have been associated with one thing only: getting high. However, thanks to new research, our society is finally getting re-introduced to the full breadth of benefits that this amazing plant and its constituents offer.

The trend in the beauty industry to embrace CBD products is helping people from all walks of life rediscover the potential of hemp and cannabis.

At Cibdol, we’ve long been embracing the health and beauty benefits of CBD. Our line of CBD creams contain the same top-shelf CBD extract you’ll find across all our products, only this time suspended in 4 different formulas to help soothe symptoms of acne, dry skin, itching and irritations, and even eczema.

All our creams are developed using a special liposomal formula that allows the active ingredients to pass through membranes unscathed, arriving at the cells that need them the most. To learn more about our line of CBD creams and to place your order today, click here.



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