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Lift & Co: An incredible gathering of industry experts

Cibdol booth

Roughly 4000 miles later, and Cibdol has returned from one of Canada's premier cannabis Expos. The Lift & Co Cannabis Expo was hosted at the Vancouver Convention Center (VCC) from the 10-13th of January, and many have asked, was the journey worth it?

In one word–absolutely.

The expo showcased a collection of the world’s leading cannabis experts, global bodies, multinational companies, investors, and of course, yours truly. Alongside the extensive exhibition hall, guest seminars, and exclusive business conference, there was an astounding amount of information available. The value of this type of event is not to be underestimated, as industries are often built on the partnerships and discussions that develop during Expos. For the legal cannabis sector, the experience is no different.

Cibdol's Expo highlights

One highlight that sticks at the forefront of our mind is the Lift & Co. Cannabis Business Conference (LCBC). Throughout the three days of the Expo, business leaders in the medical and adult-use markets took to the stage to offer insight. Being able to hear from experts working in one of the most progressive markets in the world was both humbling and extremely informative.

The challenges faced by Canadian markets will likely be the same difficulties that the European market will have to tackle. An increasing number of nations have suggested a move to legalise either medicinal or recreational cannabis. Being able to get ‘ahead of the curve’ is hugely advantageous for Cibdol. Not just for the benefit of the company, but the gain of our customers too.

Cibdol at Canada expo

Another memorable experience was looking out across the exhibition hall and seeing the sheer diversity of the companies currently operating within the cannabis industry. The sector has become more than just a few homegrown flowers and a pessimistic outlook. An opportunity exists for every product range, including that of CBD. It is rare for North America markets to have a premium quality CBD that is also THC free; this is where Cibdol’s global ambition starts to shine.

Canada has one of the most progressive cannabis markets in the world

With our state of the art facility based in Switzerland, the Cibdol brand has become well established throughout Europe. Even though we are just starting on our journey to bring the versatile benefits of CBD to global markets, Canada welcomed us with open arms. The Lift & Co Cannabis Expo offered an unrivalled opportunity to build meaningful relationships and better understand what new and existing markets want from a premium CBD brand.

There is no doubt that the partnerships forged at the VCC will prove hugely beneficial for CBD users the world over. 2019 marks a time of unprecedented change, and you can be sure that Cibdol will be leading the charge, one drop of expertly extracted CBD at a time.

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