Looking At Cannabinoids: What Is CBG?

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What Is CBG?

When it comes to talking about hemp and cannabinoids, it is CBD that takes the spotlight, closely followed by THC. Yet, there is so much more going on in this amazing plant; so we thought we would take the time to give a bit of recognition to the other cannabinoids in hemp, starting with CBG.


Short for cannabigerol, CBG is an often overlooked cannabinoid, yet one of extreme importance. In fact, it is the source needed to produce most of cannabis and hemp’s effects. It acts as a precursor to CBD, THC, and a few other cannabinoids. As the plant grows, CBG is converted by enzymes within the plant into other cannabinoids, which is why it tends to be present in such small amounts when hemp becomes ready for harvest.

It means we owe quite a lot to CBG, as it is responsible for forming CBD! This precursor function is not all CBG does, though.


CBG, like most cannabinoids, imparts various effects on the body when it is ingested. As CBG is not currently a focus within the scientific community, less research into its effects has been done compared to CBD. However, what small amount of pre-clinical research that has been done is showing positive results.

One of the most profound effects of CBG is to inhibit the reuptake of GABA, a chemical in the brain. As explained by Dr. Bonni Goldstein, Medical Director at Canna-Centres:

“When GABA [uptake] is inhibited, you actually have muscle relaxation and you have anti-anxiety effects, so it appears to promote similar effects that CBD has. It also appears to have anti-depressant and some modest anti-fungal properties.”

Research has also found that CBG has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, with a study in Italy finding it displays these properties in a model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.



CBG has also been found to inhibit COX-2, implying it could be used as an alternative to current pharmaceutical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication - which performs the same function, but with nasty side effects.




Cibdol CBD Oil is a full spectrum CBD oil. This means our product contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally within hemp – including CBG. As CBG levels dip as more CBD is produced in the hemp plant, levels end up low, but it is nice to know they are there!

More research into CBG is sure to be on the way. Let’s hope it uncovers all of the effects this cannabinoid has to offer with solid, clinical research.




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